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BLOOM Sugar Scrub for Face & Body
Here by the coast, we love the scent of the powerful flower: Frangipani!

BLOOM sugar scrub is charged with high-grade, local-made Frangipani essential oil. 

Essential oil is made from petals of Frangipani flowers, those are grown & harvested in Hue. 

It is blended with the nourishing oils & sheabutter, all emulsified by the decyl glucoside. Moisturize & pamper the skin while being gently exfoliated. Easily washed off and not leave your skin & the bathroom all oily.

Sugar is one of the best gentle exfoliant to naturally scrubs away the layer of dead skin cell & dirt, promote blood circulation, encourage new skin cell regeneration. I love it on my skin, not too much in my food. Plus, it melts in the shower, doesn't clog your drain & not too harsh for skin like coffee, grain or nut shell powder etc.

Use it once a week to give yourself a spa like treatment right at the comfort of your own home. Suitable for both face & body. My kid loves it too, I give him a little bit to scrub between his little hands, he loves when it tickles.

450g nett

BLOOM Sugar Scrub for Face & Body

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